The Effects Of Waste Disposal On The Environment Essay

The Effects Of Waste Disposal On The Environment Essay

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The simplest explanation why the environment matters is that, for humans, the environment-the Earth-is their home. It is where they live, breathe, eat, raise their children, etc. In spite of the importance of the environment, in recent years, people have done many activities which negatively impact the environment such as deforestation, overfishing and especially the waste disposal which is the main serious issue government have to deal with in my country. In Viet Nam, waste disposal is really a big problem caused by many factors. It may be caused by the development of industry and the low self awareness, thus, to solve this problem, they must have proper solutions such as doing volunteer activities or promulgating strict laws. Personally,I think owing to the critical role of environment, protecting it is a significant mission people have to do.

It is obvious that the first cause of waste disposal is the rise of industry. It goes without saying that Viet Nam is a developing country, thus, a large number of factories which can be major in oil, gas or food were established to produce and supply enough products for Vietnamese demand. For example, when Viet Nam took part in the World Trade Organisation in 2002, the economy began increasing steadily and the number of oil and gas factories rose twice as high as before 2002. On the one hand, due to this development, factories have producted adequate products to satisfy the people’s needs so the standard of living increase. In fact, thanks to this growth, the annual GDP rate rose to 7.46% and the poverty decreased sharply from more than 70% in 1990 to 32% in 2003 ( Thanh, 2015). On the other hand, industrial development have many negative effects on the environment. First of all, owi...

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...age everybody to change their attitude for the better by telling them about why environmental protection is significant and how to make the environment be cleaner. One of the most effective solutions is that the gorvenment need to promulgate strict laws to protect the environment. For example, the gorvernment of Singapore have promulgated many laws to limit the environmental contamination such as not chewing gum or classifying gabages into proper bins. As a result, Singapore becomes one of the cleanest country in the world.

In conclusion, with the industrial development and the low self awareness of not only local people but also foreigners, waste disposal has become a big issue that affect negatively on the environment. Realizing of this serious problem, people should have proper solutions to deal with such as promilgating stick laws or doing volunteer activities..

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