The Effects Of War On Refugee Children Essay

The Effects Of War On Refugee Children Essay

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The 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, found drowned on shore to the Turkish resort of
Bodrum early weekday (Hieronymi, Ott, 2015, p.1-p.4). The submerged boy was 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, from Syria, a part of a expatriate family endeavoring to achieve the Greek island of Kos. together with with Aylan Kurdi’s was his 5-year-old brother, Galip, notwithstanding submerged, as did the boys ' mother, Rehan. They 'd started in 2 boats on the 13-mile Aegean journey, however the vessels capsized. Tragedy like Aylan’s is flow everyday upon expatriate kids for expatriate kids seeking to measure within the war. Yet these miserable children still struggle to live even after the war in another country for three major factors relating to their past, present and future. First, the effects of war continue to affect refugee children, preventing their resilience, even after their arrival to other countries. At present, unfriendly local policy and laws further impede refugee children’s rights and hinder their ability to obtain proper service. For their future development, overall educational resources and environment upon war refugee children are still inadequate.
The term war refugee is defined as a person who has been forced to leave their country
in order to escape war. There are an estimated 4,183,535 war refugees in the world, and 2,097,800 of refugees are children (Berman, Helene, 2015, p.13). The ongoing Syria war has generated over 3 million refugees that had fled to countries such as Lebanon (1.14 million), Jordan (608,000) and Turkey (815,000) (Lerner, Amy B, 2014, p.14-p.17). Modern warfares like Syria war continue to lead to an increasing number of refugee on a massive scale and shockingly 25 percent of them are juveniles. Among these juveniles, o...

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...o recover from war through psychological resilience, which defined as an individual 's ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity. 31 percent of war refugee children suffer from war trauma and its accompanying mental issues in United Stated, according to Betancourt, Theresa S & etc’s(2015) research of 1600 subjects of their psychological state over 3 years of span. In some extreme cases, there are so-called phantom pains, the feel of a body part that 's no longer there, found in 134 subjects (Betancourt, Theresa S & etc’s, 2015, p.35-p.37). All of war refugee children have experienced syncope in 5 years after the war and visited ICU in hospital several times because of shocks. War trauma had inhabited permanently in these juvenile’s still fragile mind and became burdens to their everyday living, even threatening their lives. Moreover, psychological trauma have

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