The Effects of War on a Person Essay

The Effects of War on a Person Essay

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When asked how he felt about the deaths of 9 /11, Pablo Sequera , a 22 year old US army soldier in Iraq said "I wanted to bomb the fuck out of every single one of them towel heads". Now fighting in Iraq he says he has grown more sympathy and understanding toward Middle Eastern people. "Actually being up close, watching how they live every day in violence, has given me even more ambition to help them gain freedom" said Sequera. War will always change a person whether it's physically or mentally, a soldier never leaves the way he came in. The smells of gunfire, the loud ping of bullets bouncing off of metal, the vibrations of grenades exploding nearby, and the taste of their own fear climbing up into their throat will always remain close to a soldier. The memories of war will haunt a soldier for the rest of his life.
Pablo Sequera grew up in Houston, Texas with his grandmother. His mother and father died in a car accident when he was only 3 years old. He Graduated High
school and went off to work at a local video store. While Sequera was working at this video store one of his fellow co- workers, Sam Canton , was a war veteran. Canton would constantly talk about his experiences in the army, and encouraged Sequera to enlist. Finally, feeling useless in this world, Sequera decided to enlist in the army. He thought that since he was not wealthy enough to donate money to charities to help the people of his country, the next best thing was to actually protect and fight for it. Sequera enlisted in the army when he was 19 years old and was sent to Iraq a year later.
Sequaras first day in Iraq was horrible he was petrified but at the same time excited. Sequera said he had actually almost fainted because he was so nervo...

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... the army but because of his fiancé back home, he feels obligated to stay home. "Its funny, I never thought I would be saying this, but I am afraid I will decide to choose my county, its like violence is all I know. I don't think I can survive in a civilized place, I've come accustom to this dysfunction!
The war has changed Pablo Sequera so drastically that he doesn't know how to function without it, it's almost like he has become robotic in combat. Sequera came into this war life because he was influenced by a veteran and now he cannot
get enough of it. Sequera will always have this warlike personality and never forget what he has been through. Where ever he goes, there will always be something reminding him of
his fight for freedom. " I am always happy to be walking away, but I will never forget what it took me to be able to". Sequera will forever be wounded.

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