The Effects of Violent Video Games Essay

The Effects of Violent Video Games Essay

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Violent video games
Video games can change people’s mood, and have aggressive behavior. The violence on video games are not good for children and people overall because it’s not healthy for our minds. People need to stop playing violent games because it can change the way they talk, and start using bad language.
Why video games are bad?
In the article, Alex Levin talks about video games can be good and not because they can have a negative effect on them and for people it can cause aggression and bad behavior. “Many people say that kids shouldn’t spend a lot of time playing video games. They point out that most games make kids less active and less social. They say gamers should do more worthwhile activities with their friends instead” (Alex Levin). Video games can be good sometimes because it can entertain people, and it can be fun but they’re still bad for the mined. “Video games are fun, but they aren’t good for you, the most popular games aren’t educational and are sometime not age appropriate, some contain violence and bad language” (Alex Levin). Being active out in the fresh air is better for kids. Kids should exercise their mind in more positive ways.
Bad Influence
In the article, Alex Levin talks about games are a bad influence on kids because some games are very violent and have killing in them, so the kids can react very aggressive. “People who play a violent video game forthree consecutive day show increases in aggressive behavior and hostile expectations each day they play”(Alex Levin). Also, movies and shows can create bad behavior and aggression to people because there can be violent things and the people can react to it and maybe want to do the things that are shown on the show or movie. “Violent movies, video...

... middle of paper ... students as well.
In conclusion, violent video games are bad and not healthy for people to play because it can cause aggression and bad behavior. Also, it can change the way people think and there moods because there is a lot of activity going on in their brain. However, it can change the way people talk to others, they can use bad language just because of the violent games that they play. This is why violent video games are bad for people because it has a lot of effects to them and can damage the brain with a lot of violent activity.

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