Essay about The Effects Of Violence On Youth Violence

Essay about The Effects Of Violence On Youth Violence

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School violence, family violence, media violence, and others, there are many type of violent crimes happen all the time, and people don’t have a lot of attention to think about what cause those issues. Sometime we walk on the street, we don’t even know who is normal person, and who might be attacked from someone is strange at the next moment. Richard Davidson, Dr. Fallon, and other scientists have found different cause of violent crime in nature and nurture during their studies. Nature is the way we were born, and nurture is the way we grew up, people might doubt about it that how nature and nurture cause violent crimes. There are so many violent movies, games, TV shows, so on that we can see in our life, and our brains and genes also can cause violent because each people have different activity in their brains; however, nurture cause a lot of influence.
Genes can cause violent crimes because they influence people development. There are about 20,000 to 25,000 protein-coding genes in human body, and the human genome contains many different regulatory sequences. In “A Family Secret That Has Been Murder to Figure out,” Dr. Fallon studies 20 genetic markers. Gautam Naik states, “One marker, which has been become a big target for research, is MAOA, or the ‘warrior gene’. Because of the way a high-risk variant of the gene gets inherited, more males than females have it” (167). From most of the violent crime, we can know that the probability of male crime is higher than women because they could have a higher rate of carrying the MAOA gene. MAOA is a danger gene in people’s body, when a boy has inherited MAOA gene, it affect his behaviors and thoughts. Also “MAOA regulates the hormone serotonin, which affects mood, In the womb,...

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...s used to punish many crimes, including murder (153). The government uses death penalty to end someone’s life, some of the people might feel anger about the decision, and they might against the government to prevent their life. As a result, a bad political system is changing a country’s future, and it causes a lot of violent crime problems.
Nature and nurture have different causes of violence, we can’t 100% sure that nurture has more influence than nature, or nature has more. If we say nature could affect people become violent, then nurture can be a key to make it stronger. Genes, brains, family factor and political system could affect people become violent, but nurture has directly cause violence happen. Such as a person who has MAOA genes, isn’t become violent because he has a good childhood; however, a bad childhood could affect he become more violent.

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