The Effects Of Violence On Mental Health Care Essay

The Effects Of Violence On Mental Health Care Essay

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Mentally people have been thought to be violent. The term violence can be used for anything from aggression to homicide. Violence is referring to physical acts directed to other people. (Stuart) It may sometimes, mainly in the case of older individuals, be verbal aggression towards mental health care workers. (O’Callaghan) Mental illness refers to patients who are affected with a severe mental illness (Stuart) categorized in (SPMI) such as schizophrenia or a personality disorder. The reason why people even think people with mental illnesses are violent is because of the media. The media portrays that people with mental illnesses are violent and uncontrollable. Is having a mental illness a good predictor of violent behaviour or are there other factors that come into play such as not receiving mental health care, substance abuse, previous acts of violence and socioeconomical status? (Sabella, 2014)
A History of Violence
Many people have mental illness making it easy to link almost any act of violence to some sort of mental illness even if the illness does not normally cause a person to be violent. “Nearly half the population—whether or not involved in crime—experience some symptoms of mental illness over the course of their lifetimes.” (Gilred). Is violence normal? Being violent could be part of our past, to fight over a mate, fight over food or fight to defend ourselves. The way we were raised has an impact of how we behave as well. If we are in contact with violence at home all the time we are more likely to be violent. Sabella states that a history of violence is a major risk factor in causing a person be violent again whether or not they have a mental illness. (2014) Bandura’s Bobo doll experiment is the perfect example of how...

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...sses slowly making the first signs hard to pick up. Hebephrenic also starts early in adulthood, but progresses a lot faster with intense hallucinations and delusions. Catatonic causes people to with draw from social situations and cause limbs to become rigid. Lastly there is paranoid schizophrenia, which causes people to have delusions that someone is watching them or following them. The only type of these that is known to be associated with any type of violence is catatonic, which can cause an outburst of violence, but even those are very rare. Personally disorders, psychopathy in specific, are the most likely to cause someone to be violent compared to any other mental illness. (Prins, 2005). Only people who experience psychosis are at risk for being violent. The amount of people who are violent without a mental illness is significantly higher then those who do.

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