The Effects Of Violence On Children 's Violence Essay

The Effects Of Violence On Children 's Violence Essay

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It is hard to avoid violence. Violence is everywhere, and just because it is not happening in one 's life right now does not mean that it never will, or that it is not happening to others; it is in no way just limited to wartime. For such a developed and well-rounded country, childhood abuse is terribly common in the United States. According to the childhelp organization, for every ten seconds that pass by, "a report of a child abuse is made," yet there could be way more instances of child abuse that go unreported. The only type of needless bloodshed that ever really gets mentioned in the media is terrorism. This is flawed; of course it is important to inform the viewers of such acts, but the media needs to remind and notify society that violence is more than just that. From disastrous terrorist attacks to the brutal rampage in video games, violence has an extremely prevalent and dangerous role in society. Merton 's assertion that violence can only begin when all thought and rational communication end still holds true in this continuously evolving world today.
"Random acts of violence" is a phrase that one can hear thrown from the media from time to time. What makes this common and cliché phrase even worse is that it is terribly illogical: there is no such thing as a "random act of violence." Although there are many causes of violence, the most common one is anger. It is impossible for one of a capable mind to never experience anger in his or her life. Because of the commonality of anger and its relation to violence, it is an everyday problem that needs to be fixed accordingly. In the self-help book, When Anger Hurts, the authors point out a common misconception that many people may have: "people who are most anger prone to vent...

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... physical and psychological health. The United States is, and will continue, experiencing a shortage of registered nurses (RNs) and even physicians as time progresses. These instances of needless, short-sighted assaults and mindless violence against the different types of health care workers do not help or encourage people to start nursing school or medical school. Yet, violence cannot always be prevented, training of these health care workers on how to deal with angry patients would be beneficial in the long term.
Violence is a world-wide epidemic that has no cure; it can be controlled and even stopped to an extent from seeping into society, but it will always be there. As long as humans are imperfect, it is there to stay. It is of utmost importance that society punishes the perpetrators who cause the mayhem and taking care of the people who are affected by it.

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