The Effects Of Video Games On Youth Essay

The Effects Of Video Games On Youth Essay

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The effect of video games on the behaviour of youth raises a lot of controversy. Video games have a huge impact on youth culture, as the video game industry is one of the largest sectors in the entertainment industry; over 80% of youth aged 6 to 17, play video games. Several games contain mature content, thus giving them a rating of M; despite children making up a small percentage of the youth who play videogames, statistics show that a certain percentage of kids have been able to play M-rated games. In addition, approximately 89% of games contain some form of violent content, and half of these games contain serious violent gameplay towards another character in the game (Gentile, Lynch, Linder, and Walsh 7). An international study indicates 7 to 11 percent of the youth who play video games have an addiction to playing these games, and may even be considered pathological gamers (“Risks,” para. 5). This topic is so controversial because there have been concerns about whether videos games’ influence on young youth will negatively impact their behaviours. This concern has been raised and questioned several times, arising from incidents of crime and domestic violence from the youth. There is not much research based on this topic, thus providing us with little information on the effects of video games on the development of youth.
The popular media sources that I will be referencing in his paper are “Video gamers’ aggression linked to frustration, not violent content” by Melissa Greco Lopes, “The effects of violent video games. Do they affect our behaviour?” By Brad J. Bushman, and “Violent video games tied to combative thinking in study” by Alan Mozes. Also,” Little By Little, Violent Video Games Make Us More Aggressive” by Alice Park,...

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... between arguments with the teacher, and exposure to violent gameplay was weaker than the relationship between violent game exposure and physical fights (Gentile, Lynch, Linder, and Walsh 18). This finding shows that the effects on aggressive behaviour are significant, because the resulting actions of the individual are more violent. The study provided two plausible reasons for the findings; the first, which is consistent with what I mentioned, is that arguing is a less aggressive action than a physical fight (Gentile, Lynch, Linder, and Walsh 18). The second reason is that there is a significant amount of physical aggression modelled in video games, while there is not much content of verbal arguments (Gentile, Lynch, Linder, and Walsh 18). Thus, there is no reinforcement of arguing, while the notion of physical aggression creates the belief of normativity to youth.

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