Essay about The Effects Of Video Games On The Brain

Essay about The Effects Of Video Games On The Brain

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From school shootings, to violence in teens, and laziness in teens, these things have all been blamed on video games. This being said, the real question is how much truth is to this. Everybody has their own opinion and they are entitled to that, but factual research will be the basis to this paper. Looking at statistics and research studies of how video games affect the brain to establish a credible basis founded on research not opinion. There is no bias in science, just facts. This paper will cover the effects of video games on the brain, increase in violence, rating system of games, and how teenagers not playing video games act.
Video games were first created with the origin of the first pc. Soon after the apple 1 and first pc came out, video games were right behind. Then it was just one click games with simple concepts and little violence. Now gaming is a whole industry, and games have become way more complex with sometimes violent tendencies. Although, violence is seen all over media nowadays and isn 't just limited to video games. Tons of movies are filled with war and crime, along with the music industry. There is no way video games could be blamed for all of teenage violence, but for the most part it is. Several school shootings have been blamed on video games with little evidence and unfounded statements to back this up.
There has been many studies about video games having a correlation related to violence. Every study has had mixed results from saying there is no correlation to violence and the other extreme, that videogames are to blame for violence among young teens and children. A study published by Vincent (2014), suggest that there is no correlation between videogames and violence. This article points out that not ...

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... be blamed for all the violence among teens, and videogames are a very small percentage of the problem(Sifferlin,2015). The problem originates from kids home lives, such as being mistreated by their parents, fighting amongst peers, and bullying in large quantities. These are just a small number of things that could lead to an increase in violence, as there are so many factors that can contribute to this. Video games, even though showing lots of violence and making a user become less sensitive to violent behavior, are not the reason for violent tendencies among teens. If they are, only a very small percentage of users are actually affected by the violence increase. Concluding I feel that video games might contribute to the problem of violence among teens but only contribute a small factor and there is a much bigger problem at hand in the battle of ending teen violence.

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