The Effects Of Video Games On American Society Essay

The Effects Of Video Games On American Society Essay

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Rehabilitating Disabilities One Level at a Time

North American society is one that exploits people’s fears. When people are afraid, there is a desire to place blame on someone or something; to project our problems on to a issue so that we feel less responsibility. Modern media has found an easy scapegoat for this in the form of video games. Being a billion dollar industry that targets young people, video games naturally became the target of many news stories promoting fear and hostility to the gaming industry. News organizations, looking to capitalize on fear, realize that fear brings viewers, and may be too hasty in their reports against gaming. Because these for-profit companies often focus on violence, crude language and the impression that this will have on the children, it is easy to forget the good things that video games have to offer. I am by no means suggesting that parents should start exposing their children to sources of entertainment that they don’t see fit consumption, but rather to a closer look at the positives that gaming and technology has brought to medical fields such as physiotherapy. With this in mind, I believe that video games can offer exceptional rehabilitation to children and adults who are afflicted with physical disabilities. As someone who has gone through physiotherapy personally, the battle between ones will and their body is incredibly frustrating. The opportunity to make this hardship a little more bearable, especially for children, deserves to be looked at in closer detail.

The combination of video games and physiotherapy would be nowhere if it weren’t for exergames. A contraction of “exercise” and “videogame”, exergames are games that require physical movement from the player (Hernandez et al...

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...bility and progress. Patients everywhere having access to the right technology and physicians will bring forth more opportunity for people with disabilities. Children utilizing these games and systems now will hopefully see significant improvement by the time they reach adulthood. It is important to tackle these issues head on with the intent of bringing the best care possible to everyone. I am also hopeful that there will be much improvement to this field in terms of technology advancement. It would be great to see more immersive steps taken in terms of VR integration such as the work done with the Oculus Rift headgear or projection software as to closely recreate usual reality in the most realistic way possible. While that goal is still a few years away, steps are taken by researchers daily to make this an exciting reality for the field of physical rehabilitation.

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