The Effects Of Vaccines On The American Public As A Social Issue

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Before watching this video on vaccines, I knew that this program “Vaccines – Calling the Shots” was going to be very interesting. I took Immunology at CU Boulder for part of my undergraduate degree in Integrative Physiology, so I knew I was going to have a little background and context relating to vaccines in the American public as a social issue. I have always thought vaccines were very important because I received my scheduled vaccines on time as well as all the rest of my family receiving these shots on time. But I know there are other opinions surrounding the administration of vaccines, so I was excited to enter this community on the pros and cons and thoughts about these vaccines. After viewing the program, I think this subject matter of vaccines impacted me in a positive way because of the different viewpoints that were included. At the beginning, the narrator was talking about how there are 28 vaccines to prevent 14 diseases that used to kill so many people in the first 2 years of life, and I guess I didn’t realize how many vaccines were given, so I understand a little bit where parents are coming from because that is a lot of vaccines. But throughout the whole program the narrator and authors are talking about risk versus benefit and parents having to weigh in on those options. Another statistic that stood out to me in the video was 1 in 1 million children have an adverse reaction to a vaccine but the narrator said “what if that was your kid?” and he is right, parents have to think of the what ifs and I definitely respect that more now than I ever did, the older I get and the more I think about having kids of my own. I learned a few new things from this program on vaccines because of some of the statistics and interviews o... ... middle of paper ... ...e because of the information it provided and the dialect it started within myself. The more we talk and respect each other’s opinions about vaccines the more we can clear things up and add dimensions to vaccines that can benefit everyone. If we continue to have herd immunity, like stated in the video, kids have a lower chance of running into diseases even if they are not vaccinated. We need to protect each other and the main goal like many doctors said on the program is to respect each other and save meaningless deaths of kids that can be prevented with just an easy vaccine. A discussion does not mean a disagreement and I think my open mind watching this, could be paralleled to other people across the nation and world if they are willing to listen, learn, gain a new perspective, and ultimately have the same goal of less disease and death. Communication is everything.
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