The Effects Of Vaccination On Children And Children Essay examples

The Effects Of Vaccination On Children And Children Essay examples

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Fabiana Aguilera
English Professor #1
ENG 102
17 September 2015

When a person visits their doctor, the doctor may prescribe a medication, or provide a vaccination. However the contents of these medications or vaccinations may be somewhat of an enigma to most. Healthcare is somewhat of a mystery to those uninvolved in the field itself. When news comes out about a side effect, or other negative press, it is hard to know what is true and what is not. When a doctor, a trusted medical professional published an article stating that vaccinations were linked to an increase in autism in children, people began to panic, and with good reason, nobody knew any better. However, these claims were entirely fraudulent. Vaccinations are in no way linked to autism, and are entirely beneficial to a person’s health.
In the year 1998, Andrew Wakefield – and English Doctor – published an article in the medical journal titled “The Lancet,” stating that there was a definite link between the MMR vaccine and children developing either Autism or Colitis (Wakefield). These connections, hard to prove false for...

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