Essay on The Effects Of Underage Drinking On The United States

Essay on The Effects Of Underage Drinking On The United States

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Although many teenagers tend to disregard the law, the legal drinking age in the United States is twenty-one. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, “8.7 million people ages 12-20 reported drinking alcohol in the past month” (“Alcohol Facts,” 2015). Of this group, 14% binge drink, and 3.7% admit to being heavy drinkers. Underage drinking can lead to greater issues, such as drinking and driving, alcohol poisoning, and violence (“Teenage Drinking,” n.d.). Underage drinking affects not only the minor, but the people around them as well. Teens will continue to endanger themselves and others if society continues to turn a blind eye to underage drinking (“Teenage Drinking,” n.d.).
When driving under the influence, there is a higher chance of crashing. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, “The rate of alcohol–related traffic crashes is greater for drivers ages 16 to 20 than for drivers age 21 and older” (“Underage Drinking,” 2003). With that being said, teens do not understand the risks of entering the driver 's seat after consuming even a small amount of alcohol.
Along with dangers, minors who drink be prone to having an alcohol addiction in the future (“Underage Drinking,” 2003). Children are taught in school that alcohol can be addicting and a hard habit to quit; the earlier teens start drinking, the harder the problem will be to overcome in the future. Binge drinking goes hand in hand with underage drinking; when teens consume alcohol, most of them have multiple drinks. This becomes a health risk, causing minors to miss school, pass out, and damage property (“Teenage Drinking,” n.d.). “The short and long-term consequences that arise from underage alcohol consumption are...

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...t selling alcohol illegally, they need to pay a major fine. As a result to this potential solution, most of the contributors would stop providing alcohol to minors. A disadvantage to this solution is the amount of money the businesses would have to pay to install these programs.
Underage drinking is a large issue; people need to start realizing that a major factor in car accidents are alcohol related. To prevent alcohol related incidents, underage drinking rates needs to be cut altogether. The issue will not be fixed overnight; underage drinking will be prevented if everyone takes a step towards fixing this dilemma. Parents, colleges, and other adults need to set positive examples for minors. Binge drinking, accidents, violence, and health issues would decrease by incorporating simple solutions. If everyone works together, underage drinking will be less of a concern.

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