Essay about The Effects Of Underage Drinking On Children

Essay about The Effects Of Underage Drinking On Children

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Ninety percent of alcohol addictions start in the teenage years. Very rarely do teenagers live on their own, meaning that almost all teenagers go home at some point in the day to their parents. Anyone under the age of 21 that consumes alcohol is considered an underage drinker. Adolescents often don’t realize the damaging effects drinking can have on their communities, their families, and their lives. Underage drinking, besides being illegal, is a broad public health problem that presents many risks. Unfortunately, many parents buy into common myths and misperceptions related to underage drinking.
Parents are generally the most involved people in a child’s maturing life, and they should be held accountable for the underage drinking of their kids. Parents should be blamed because they see their children every day, they are role models to their kids starting at a young age, and their common drinking habits can rub off on their children. On the other hand, some people may point out that teenagers are shaped by their genes, and that teens drink because of personal reasons that are uncontrolled by parents.
First of all, parents see their children at home every day and should be aware of their kids’ habits. Parents do not necessarily have to figure that their kid is drinking, but they at least need to notice when there is something different about their kid. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence lists some psychological warning signs of alcoholism as confusing changes in personality or attitude, angry outbursts, and withdrawal or anxiety with no apparent reason. Any parent that is even the slightest involved in their child’s life has to notice at least one of these warning signs of alcohol abuse. Also, this source prov...

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...the same path. Parents are to blame for this because they are influencing their kids to do the same as they did, and it forms a habit for them to follow.
Parents are generally the most involved people in a child’s maturing life, and they should be held accountable for the underage drinking of their kids. Parents should be blamed because they see their children every day, they are role models to their kids starting at a young age, and they usually do not set a good example for their kids by drinking a lot themselves. However, other people may point out that teenagers cannot fight their genes, and that they are sometimes just trying to drink away their conflicts. I believe that parents are the biggest contributor to a child’s likelihood of developing a drinking problem and they need to be more aware of their children’s habits and potential for addiction at all times.

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