The Effects Of Type 1 Diabetes Essay

The Effects Of Type 1 Diabetes Essay

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The Effects of Type 1 Diabetes
Knowing the extensive impact of a new diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes would be helpful in creating a conventional environment for the newly diagnosed. There are many factors that will influence for a positive outcome from such a negative life changing event. Understanding that a chronic illness affects many aspects of one’s life is key to being successful in having control of the disease.
Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin, a hormone needed to allow glucose to enter the cells and produce energy. There is no cure for this disease but it can be controlled with treatment which consists of daily injections of insulin and constant glucose monitoring. For both the patient and the caregivers it usually takes a significant amount of time to learn how to manage the disease; furthermore it is important to learn to read food labels, be able to count carbohydrates correctly and dose accurately. It is crucial for insulin dosing to be accurate in order to avoid underdosing and overdosing as it can be fatal in either instance, learning to recognize the difference between high glucose and low glucose symptoms is important as well. High glucose can present itself as increased thirst, headaches, blurred vision, trouble concentrating, fatigue and frequent urination; low glucose symptoms can be excess hunger, fatigue, nausea/ vomiting, lightheadedness even fainting. Low glucose can be treated by eating small portions of food that are high in sugar but being careful not to increase your glucose levels too much, if they do increase significantly then you have to correct with insulin DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) Since their is no cure for the disease the goal is ba...

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...fy and available resources can be limited. Choosing a healthier lifestyle comes with additional costs.
Creating solutions such as enhanced workshops to educate the children and caregivers can reduce the amount of stress for the family by creating detailed plans of care. Developing programs to monetarily assist those that cannot afford the extra costs associated with the disease reduces the financial stress. Programs to ensure that more children can assist the camps offered to build the self-esteem of these children . Education to eliminate the misconception that Type 1 Diabetes is a disability but instead a self-limiting disease when there are no available resources; good management of this disease will be excellent choice in preventing complications but being knowledgeable will help in making better choices for a healthier lifestyle and in turn a longer life.

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