The Effects Of Tobacco On The Campus Of Northern Arizona University ( Nau )

The Effects Of Tobacco On The Campus Of Northern Arizona University ( Nau )

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The time in a person’s life spent in college is all about freedom. For many, it is the first time an individual has lived away from home, and the lack of supervision allows for experimentation in almost all aspects of his or her life. Many students experiment with things such as their sexuality, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. Experimentation with cigarettes and other tobacco products has proven to be a problem on the campus of Northern Arizona University (NAU). Actions have been taken to reverse this issue; the campus has prohibited the use of tobacco products both in and immediately surrounding all buildings on campus. However, NAU needs to take the next step and be made into a tobacco-free campus due to the fact that smoking poses danger to the environment, the person smoking, and those around them as well.
The use of tobacco products affects the environment. Flagstaff places a high value on maintaining the beauty of its city, and NAU has even placed designated receptacles for disposing of cigarette butts. However, once many smokers finish their cigarette, they simply drop the remaining part of it on the floor. Those that are left on the ground help soil the beauty of both Flagstaff, and the NAU campus. These cigarette butts make up a majority of the litter left by the citizens of Flagstaff and students of NAU. If students and staff are unable to smoke on campus, there will be less trash taking away from the beauty of this university. Throwing cigarette butts that are not entirely extinguished into a dry area (such as a desert) or a full trash can may start a fire, potentially damaging a large area. Many students have seen small fires ignite in the designated receptacles, or have smelt and seen the smoke from them af...

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...ncreased risk when around the byproducts produced by tobacco products. By allowing students to smoke around their peers, all are being forced to compromise their health. In order for NAU to do its part to protect its students and staff, the campus must be converted into a tobacco-free area.
Of the 1.3 billion smokers in the world, not one should be allowed to smoke on the NAU campus. Those who are irresponsible and drop the remains of their cigarette on the floor deface the beauty of the university, while those who smoke are in the process of killing both themselves and those around them. Allowing the use of tobacco products on campus only hurts the university. By implementing a tobacco-free campus policy, NAU will be helping to stop the danger posed to the environment by the use of these products, as well as lowering the health risks posed on its students.

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