The Effects Of Therapy On Society And Family Essay

The Effects Of Therapy On Society And Family Essay

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In these days, individuals need the ability to adapt to and face societies in different aspect. These constant changes in life styles, perceptions, and paces trigger major traits of personalities in the individuals. While each person is affected individually, the diverse members of the family start affecting each other which it could cause the family to be dysfunctional. Most of the times, this problems are not detected until one of the members starts to show major symptoms, and or changes in personality that affect and worry the individual, and others the surround him/her; and that is the point where people begin to look for help.
I strongly believe that therapy brings numerous benefits to the individual and to the family group. However, the most important benefit is the accommodation generated for the individual for its adaptation in the society and family. From my understanding, what brings people and family to therapy is the lack of communication and disconnection within the members due to the major dysfunctionality. Therefore, the patients uses their therapist as a mediator of the problems. The therapist will be someone that through therapeutic interventions will be able to clinically asset, diagnosis, and create a treatment plan based on the specific case. This professional should be able to “demonstrate knowledge and familiarity with family therapy models, ability to for the interpretation of data, skill to assess the effectiveness of the therapeutic intervention, and the ability to conduct the therapy, etc.” In other words, individuals and families get attracted into therapy due to the ability of communicate with others, the therapist give the opportunity to the member to express themselves, and at the same time, he/she wi...

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...he patient. It will help to approach to a overall of the problem and personal feelings, of the patient. The second step will be a session with the family, here, I will study the relationship between the members, and it will be easier to determine who the most influential person is. During this sessions a series of Likert scales will be applied to determine intimidation and anxiety levels and situations that trigger it, Likert scale or the “integrational triangulation”, application of the Family systems questionnaire”. On the next steps of my assessment, and treatment process, I will implement sessions with the persons that have the most influences to educate them in the situation and on the problem solving of the situation, in addition several family activities will be implemented for the development of cohesiveness, understanding and flexibility between each other.

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