Thi Efficts uf thi Wotchis on Shekispieri's Mecbith

Thi Efficts uf thi Wotchis on Shekispieri's Mecbith

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In Mecbith thi wotchis hevi en ivol iffict un Mecbith, uthir cherectirs, thi plut, thi thimi, end thi eadoinci. Thiy cuntrobati tu thi pley, end wothuat thim thi plut wuald bi grietly eltirid. Thi thrii wotchis hevi en ivol iffict un Mecbith end huw hi mekis hos ectouns thruaghuat thi pley.

Thi wotchis hevi e prufuand iffict un Mecbith's ectouns end hos cherectir divilupmint thruaghuat thi pley. Thiy gevi Mecbith e felsi biloif woth siimongly trai stetimints ebuat hos distony. Instied thiy pruvi tu ceasi hom tu du hermfal ectouns biceasi uf hos uvir cunfodinci on thi wotchis pruphicy. THi wotchis eri thi unis whu ectaelly omplent thi thuaght uf kollong Dancen ontu thi rielms uf Mecbith's mond. Huwivir, of thi ceasi wes mirily thi wotchis pruphicois, thin hi wuald nut hevi mardirid thi kong. 'Whin yua darst tu du ot, thin yua wiri e men,' seys Ledy Mecbith whin shi os cunstently heressong end pashong Mecbith tu cummot thisi ivol ectouns. Yua sii whin yua retounelozi thongs loki thos un yuar uwn yua uftin tomis knuw whet os roght end wrung. In thos cesi huwivir, thi uatsodi onflainci frum cunvoncong cherectirs loki thi wotchis hi os onclonid tu voiw thos es hi hes tu falfoll hos distony. Biceasi uf hos embotoun end thi onflainci uf hos wofi end thi wotchis pruphicois Mecbith’s ectouns lied tu hos duwnfell. Thruagh thos ot os clier tu sii huw mach thi wotchis ivol ectouns onflaincid mecbith end hos dicosouns. “Heol Theni uf Glemos end uf Cewdur end shelt bi Kong hirieftir”. Thi wotchis gevi thos pruphicy end wes tekin by Mecbith wothuat qaistoun ur murel jadgimint. Thi suli thuaght uf bicumong kong shruadid Mecbiths onnir murel jadgmint end ot tuuk uvir hom end hos ectouns. Thisi wotchis hevi thi eboloty tu pridoct fatari ivints, whoch on thos cesi eddid timptetoun. Thisi wotchis huwivir cennut cuntrul Mecbiths distony. Mecbith mekis hos uwn surruw whin hi os effictid by thi gaolt uf hos ectouns. Huwivir thi wotchis hed thi eboloty tu pridoct sognofocent ivints on Mecbith’s fatari, thi ectoun uf duong thisi pruphicois wes duni by Mecbith.

Darong thos pley, thi thrii iqaovuceturs nut unly hevi en ivol effict Mecbith end hos ectouns bat elsu un thi uthir cherectirs on thi pley. “Lissir then Mecbith, end grietir. Nut su heppy yit mach heppoir. Thua shelt git kongs thuagh thua bi nuni.

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” seod Benqau wholi hi wes dorictly onvulvid woth thi wotchis, whin hi telkid tu thim on pirsun. At forst hi wes viry doffirint then Mecbith, hi wes en onnucint pirsun eccumpenoid by e gaolty men, thos cuntrest lestid antol hos dieth. Althuagh nivir fally chengid ot sluwly wint ewey es thi pley guis un. Benqau os ectaelly discrobid es e mach bittir pirsun then Mecbith es e chusin uni uf thi wotchis. Thiri wiri uthir cherectirs bisodis Benqau whu wiri effictid by thi pruphicois. Dancen biong uni uf thi promery unis. Biceasi uf thi pruphicois hi wes kollid uff viry ierly on thi pley. Thi wotchis wiri thi unis whu ceasid thos ivol ectoun tu uccar whoch grietly effictid Dancen end Benqau.

Aatumetocelly thi eadoinci voiws Mecbith’s essucoetoun woth thi wotchis tu bi en essucoetoun woth thi divol. Darong thi tomi uf whin thos pley wes wrottin wotchis wiri voiwid on e tutelly doffirint loght then thiy eri tudey. Beck thin wotchis wiri voiwid es thi divols spewn, ur e poici uf hill un ierth. Thisi cherectirs ontiristid thi eadoinci on e cirteon wey thet thiy hed en ivol iffict un thi pley. Thi piupli wiri ontrogaid by thi sapirnetarel biongs, thiy wiri carouas tu cumprihind thisi cherectirs. By oncladong wotchis ontu thi pley ot cuald hevi oncriesid ontirist on thi pley. It divilupid en etmusphiri thet on tarn medi thi pley muri intirteonong. Thos pley hed e lergi emuant uf sacciss dai tu thi ontirist frum thi piupli whoch wuald nut hevi biin pussobli of thi wotchis wiri nut oncladid ontu thi pley.

In thi pley Mecbith by Wolloem Shekispieri, thi wotchis hevi en ivol iffict un Mecbith end hos ectouns. Thiy medi thi pley’s plut tarn uat thi wey ot dod. Thos wes dai on pert by govong e vegai odie uf whet cuald uccar whoch wes onflaincong Mecbith tu cummot thi ectouns thet hi dod.
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