The Effects of the Progressive Movement Essay

The Effects of the Progressive Movement Essay

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Progressive Movement
The Progressive Movement was initiated to fix many of the United States problems surrounding its industrial growth of the nineteenth century. The ultimate goal of Progressivism was to clear up corruption in all phases of the economy and the government. Both President Theodore Roosevelt and President Woodrow Wilson wanted to give the working man a better chance to achieve success (, 2008).
By the time of the First World War, Progressivism had affected multiple issues plaguing the United States. Worker and consumer concerns were addressed with new policies. Efforts to protect our nation’s natural resources had been put into effect. Institutions to aid the lower class in elevating their statuses were developed. Last, Women’s suffrage gained steam in the Progressive movement (, 2008).
As mentioned before, the progress the United States made during the Progressive movement could not have been accomplished without the aid of both President Theodore Roosevelt and President Woodrow Wilson. Although President Roosevelt was a Republican and President Wilson was a Democrat, both wanted to see positive change within the United States of America in multiple fields (, 2008).
President Theodore Roosevelt became President in 1901 after President McKinley’s assassination. It was during this time that Progressivism gained steam (Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), 1995). President Roosevelt wasted little time to begin “trust busting.” Trust busting was the effort focused on breaking up monopolies that dominated a specific market or industry and eliminated any chance for healthy economic competition.
One of the most notable cases of trust busting took place in 1904. The trust was the Nort...

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...ith the aid of congress, they passed The Keating-Owen Child Labor Act of 1916. It specifically outlawed the sale of interstate commerce of goods produced by children factory workers fourteen, mines that employed sixteen year olds, and any organization that employed sixteen year olds working for more than eight hours a day or overnight (Creative Commons Attribution, 2014).
In the end, both President Wilson and Roosevelt believed strongly in the Progressive Movement. They knew that if the government continued to look the other way on unethical business practices, citizens would never be able to advance in life. By working towards passing laws like the Hepburn Act, The Clayton Anti-Trust Act, and the Keating-Owen Child Labor Act of 1916 they were successfully able to combat business damaging the development of our nation’s economy (Creative Commons Attribution, 2014).

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