Essay about The Effects Of The Influence Of Facebook On Children

Essay about The Effects Of The Influence Of Facebook On Children

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The Effects of The Influence of Facebook On Children
In our modern societies, the desire for families to build and maintain relationships has led to the increase use of social networking websites. On these platforms of communication, friendship,partnership and reconnections are made possible through these types of media. These forms of communications open the doors to encounters but they can expose children to the negative aspect of the society as well. With this advance in technology, more and more people have access to socials networks, especially the youngest ones eager to own the latest high-tech machines. Facebook is widely used among these websites and accounts for thousands of users worldwide. Though Facebook provides great features to foster socialization such as posting,commenting, sharing and discussing, its lack of privacy and security can put its users at risk. Parents should be aware of the dangers their children are exposed to while using Facebook. The influence of Facebook may be harmful to the psychological and social development of children.
The influence of Facebook has an immediate impact on children’s activities. One of the activities that consume children is their homework. In fact, for a better understanding of the concepts taught in class the educational system requires homework in any class from 1st grade to 12th grade. Children are asked to do homework once they get home;however, with the increase in popularity of Facebook, they are more interested in signing on this network to chat with their friends or play games rather than completing their homework. In addition, the considerable amount of time spent on Facebook prevent children from participating in any kind of extracurricular activities. These act...

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...ntly, children victim of cyberbullying or harassment on Facebook tend to experience psychological impact such as depression, anxiety, and even suicide.
Facebook offers an opportunity for our children to experience an easy way to connect and communicate with people worldwide. However, this popular social networking does not protect and prevent children from being exposed to any kinds of dangers occurring online; children are not safe and lack in privacy as well. The influence of Facebook impacts their degree of involvement in activities, their social lives, expose them to inappropriate contents, to cyberbullying and harassment which may lead children to develop suicide thoughts and behaviors. Considering how far the effects of the influence of Facebook on our children can go, parents should be aware of the risks they children are exposed to while using Facebook.

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