Effects Of The Industrial Revolution On The World Essay

Effects Of The Industrial Revolution On The World Essay

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Stephen Gardiner once said, “The Industrial Revolution was another of those extraordinary jumps forward in the story of civilization.” The Industrial Revolution was a time when an abundance of things changed in our world. It was the change of work being done by man and animal into work being done by machine. It was a time when much advancement was made in many different areas. The world would not even be close to what it is now, if it wasn’t for the Industrial Revolution. We wouldn’t nearly have the number of inventions and businesses that we have now. We would not be as technologically advanced as we are now. The Industrial Revolution was an occurrence that put many effects onto the world. The Industrial Revolution did not cause just positive or negative effects, though. The causes inside of it were both, positive and negative. The effects that were put forth onto the economic side of the world were positive. The effects that were placed on the political side of the world were positive. The effects that impacted the social aspect of the world were negative. Consequently, the Industrial Revolution had an overall positive impact onto our world.
The effects the Industrial Revolution had onto the social side of society were all very negative. Tenement housing developed during the Industrial Revolution. Tenement housing was the development of small apartments usually housing 3-5 families. In New York, by 1900, 80,000 tenements were housing 2.3 million people. That means there were around 28 poor workers living in each of these small tenements (History.com Staff). With these people living so close to each other in these house, disease would spread easily and cause great numbers of death to occur. Sickness would spre...

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...ights for all citizens. The effects the Industrial Revolution had onto the social side of society were all negative. The Industrial Revolution had many positive effects towards the politics of the world. But, by the effects on economics and politics being positive, they overweigh the negative effects placed on the social side of society. According to Stephen Gardiner, “The Industrial Revolution was another of those extraordinary jumps forward in the story of civilization.” The lives of the world would be totally different if the Industrial Revolution would have never occurred. The world would not even be close to being as technologically advanced. The world would also not have many of the machines and items it has today, if they wouldn’t have been created during the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was a definite positive impact on the world.

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