Effects Of The European Intervention On African Nations Essay

Effects Of The European Intervention On African Nations Essay

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Prior to the ‘Scramble for Africa’, African economies were making great advancement in every area, particularly trade. European intervention has caused the development of African nations, to regress rather than progress. European influence still has long lasting effects on African nations especially on its economic relations. The effects of the European intervention how it affected the growth and development of Africa, its positive viewpoints and how it affected the culture of the nations will be discussed in subsequent paragraphs.
To begin with, European colonization hindered the natural growth and development of African nations. The Europeans who came to colonize Africa used the Bible and the belief that Africans were inferior to the Europeans as justification for slavery. Although Africa was not as technologically advanced as the European nations, they were not as backward as was commonly believed. Egypt, for example, was one of many great African civilizations that lasted for several thousand years. The architecture of the Europeans could not hope to compare as the Egyptians had built many monuments and pyramids long before the arrival of the Europeans. The Ghanaian and Benin empires had developed international trading systems and had massive empires that traded largely in gold and other precious metals. Although it is argued that the slave trade was an essential part of African development, “Africa can only be developed by Africans and not by others” one has to consider what the contribution the colonial powers made on African colonies. “Economic development also presented a major problem. Although a number of African states have considerable natural resources, few have the finances to develop their economies,” The infrastru...

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...g modern day nations, civilization and cultures. “The Europeans left Africans with an ‘identity’ as a people who had suffered and come out stronger”
European colonization brought people together and formed bonds between nations in a way that is no longer possible today. New cultures have been forged and the Europeans, Africans and Native Americans were united as a whole.

In conclusion, “Colonialism used the denial of African history to establish the necessity of white men to bring innovation and technologies in the colonies” (Tangie, 2006). African economies were making great advancements in every area, particularly trade. European intervention has caused African development to regress rather than progress. The after effects of the European intervention proved that the African economies would have been better off without their [Europeans] interference.

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