Effects Of The Drought On The Population Of California Essay

Effects Of The Drought On The Population Of California Essay

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I believe that Californians have been the root cause of this states drought due to the environmental footprints that Californians leave from inhabiting California. The population of California is growing, which means we will use more water, increases the amount of gas burning utilities, and inflated the agricultural needs of the state. Analyzing these causes for the drought will point the finger inwards towards ourselves as the foundation of this crisis. Although some may believe that the drought is a natural phenomenon, and we cannot control or manipulate the weather to change at will, there are too many scientific factors that show that humans are the main contributors to the drought. In this essay I will use cause and consequence arguments to defend my stance on the drought and convince you that Californians affect the Californian environment and it will take much change on our part to remedy the crisis of drought.
Population of California is growing, which means we are using more water. The population in California is rapidly increasing and the demand for water will follow this trend. I believe that even with water conservation, we will not be able to overcome this crisis because of how many more individuals will need it with the increase of population we will see and is already trending over time. We all have different uses for our water; to cook food, take showers, brush our teeth, flush away waste, and maintain our lawns. During this drought we have been asked to lessen the use of water. Just the other day while I was driving home I saw a sign that said, “Brown is the new green” staked on a plot of dead brown grass. Our family has gone as far as removing grass from our front yard and replacing it with concrete and rocks to...

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...reating better ways to utilize our water and find new sources of water that will not affect the environment negatively. I believe that California has a dense population of creative minds, which are mainly focused on other issues, but if we focus all of our efforts on finding the solution to our drought, it is possible that we can overcome this crisis, but we must bring awareness of this crisis to the forefront. We must be aware of how population has affected our water resources, we must be aware of how population has effected the atmosphere and we must be aware that our agricultural businesses has effected the environment. I believe that Californians can change the way we have effected the environment and that Californians have been the leaders of the green environment movement, which is why I think that it is likely that we will eventually overcome this drought.

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