The Effects of the Darfur Conflict on The Neighboring Countries, the Horn of Africa region, and U.S. Interest

The Effects of the Darfur Conflict on The Neighboring Countries, the Horn of Africa region, and U.S. Interest

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The purpose of this essay is to adequately depict the current conflict in Darfur and discuss the effects that the Darfur Conflict has had on the neighboring countries, the Horn of Africa region and U.S. interest. In addition, this essay will explore how Darfur Conflict affects global concerns.
Background: Darfur is Islamic Sultanate located in the Western Region of Sudan; which is often referred to as the Horn of Africa. It’s reported to be covering one fifth of the country, and has a populous between four and six million. Darfur’s geographic make up is composed of traditional Muslim Arabs located in the Northern portion of Darfur, with the southern portion consisting of “white Arabs” and Furs (People of Darfur or peasant farmers). Darfur is bordered by Libya in the North, with Chad to the west, and the Central African Republic in the south west Kordofar and the Bahr El-Gazal region borders the eastern and southern parts of Darfur. In essence Fur is the major ethnic group, hence the name Darfur. (DAR equals Abode, DAFUR meaning the abode of Fur. The rest of the population is nomadic or semi-nomadic herders. Most of the farmers live close to a subsistence level. Meaning they have the minimal requirements to meet physical needs such as food, shelter, clothing and medical care in the event of an emergency. “The Fur, largely peasant farmers, occupy the central belt of the region, including the Jebel Marra massif.” There is also the non-Arab Masalit, Berti, Bargu, Bergid, Tama and Tunjur people who are sedentary farmers-farmers which usually remain in the same location. In the northernmost zone is Dar Zaghawa, part of the Libyan Sahara, and some “camel nomads” primarily Bedeyat and Zaghawa who are non-Arab in origin, and the...

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...nge the Horn of Africa and The United States to work toward a promise by looking for ways to stop and prevent violence against groups based on religion, race, ethnicity or nationality. Bottom line the U.S. will continue to play a role in the Conflict of Darfur, President Obama is currently urging a “softer approach”, and the US is expected to unveil a policy to resolve conflict in Sudan. Many critics say it won’t resolve anything and truthfully only time will tell. My only question of concern is what part will Libya and Egypt have in the Darfur conflict? It should be very interesting given the recent actions taking by Libya.

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