Effects Of The Black Race On African Americans Essay

Effects Of The Black Race On African Americans Essay

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An American is anyone that lives in America so if anyone that is black is considered African America if any of their ancestries came from communities of Africa. African Americans are the second largest minority population. A minority is considered the smallest of a group. Although African Americans had a hard time evolving in America their determination, the heart ache and beating of slavery, their desire, and the civil rights movements have shaped African-American lives into what they are dealt with today.
Race has influence on the health of the African American person. The genes that determine race is linked with the genes that decides the health of a person. The health of a society is determined by physiological, chemical, physical, genetic or neurological factors. The black race is genetically predisposed to some diseases because of their genes. Blacks in general have a history of having diabetes with more complications, strokes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and hypertension. Unfortunately, heart disease is the leading cause of death for African Americans but is it because of their education, their poverty level or their non commitment to health status.
Ethnicity influences health for African American because of their ancestry and is rooted in a social grouping. Chronic illnesses can intensify if one illness leads to another. Think about people being obese due to inactivity and eating habits. Hypertension, diabetes and heart disease and obesity if not monitored soon follows if not monitored. Not one disease can come alone it seems like. African American men are more likely to die from heart disease. The age of a young adult is more likely to start of their live with diabetes. Again is this poverty, heredity because they a...

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...rtable, to attend rehabs, go to support groups, assist in an improvement as much as possible of quality of life and management programs.
The black population is estimated to be 61 million people by 2050 and will account for 15% of the total US population (Conway, 2012). By helping this minority group could be an outstanding quest. Eliminating disparities requires culturally, individual desire and community support. Just because the health care teams want, this doesn’t mean that minority will follow through for what is needed. It is said, though with African Americans, it must go deeper into why they don’t understand, follow up or even want to. African Americans have a lot of trust issues, issues of respect, lack of understanding, treatment compliance Efforts should focus on these key characteristics of this ethnic group before shoving education down their throats.

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