The Effects of Television upon American Morality during the Past Twenty Years

The Effects of Television upon American Morality during the Past Twenty Years

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The Effects of Television Upon American Morality During the Past Twenty Years

The invention of the television, made by the collective work of inventors and engineers, has made a big impact on the lives of millions. However, this impact has not always been positive. Television’s potential to connect, educate, and inform is often over-shadowed by the lack of individual responsibility in using this modern day miracle, therefore causing its impact on society to appear negative (Hick, 1). Television has pushed the boundaries of societal values over the last twenty years, leading to the changes in norms and tolerance for different behaviors. It desensitizes humans to violence, sexual content, and crude or racist jokes. Television has given an unrealistic view on life. It has also affected the way people yearn to look by creating the idea of a “perfect” body image. Television has made a mold of society, leading to the end of individuality. Television’s harmful effect on the human brain has definitely played a part in the change of society’s morals. All of these things together are what lead to the way American society is today.
There are many studies about the effects of television on the brain. A study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics says that television viewing below age three can hurt several measures of cognitive development later in life. The same study also concluded that,
These early years are crucial in a child's development. The Academy is
concerned about the impact of television programming intended for children
younger than age two and how it could affect your child's development.
Pediatricians strongly oppose targeted programming, especially when it's
used to market toys, games, dolls, unheal...

... middle of paper ...

...our eyes, ears, and personal experiences learned in the journey of life (Maloney, 1).

Television and other technology will continue to play a major role in society by delivering entertainment, creating national idols, and teaching morals and values to new generations. With each generation, the morals and values that are taught and accepted by society seem to be continuously more corrupt than those before them. This escalates to a wild and demoralized society. America’s society today is a complete different one from twenty years ago. Children are being taught morals and values through their exposure to the media, instead of by families, causing an inconsistency in ideas over generations. Until television broadcasting companies decide to implement wholesome values in programs, then television will continue to decrease society’s judgement on acceptance for morals.

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