The Effects Of Television On The Media Essay

The Effects Of Television On The Media Essay

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American society emphasizes violence in the media. Television shows, movies, and video games, are all outlets researchers often place blame when considering the effects media has on violent behavior. Television shows, movies, and video games frequently revolve around violent plots, characters die in gruesome ways, and violence against others is common place. “Social learning is the branch of behavior theory most relevant to criminology. Social learning theorist, most notably Albert Bandura, argue that people are not actually born with the ability to act violently, but that they learned to be aggressive through their life experiences.” (PG. 161)
Research indicates that adolescents between 11 and 14 watch violent horror movies more than any other age group. They often use friends, siblings and inattentive parents, that don’t really care or may not notice what their child is watching, to gain access to inappropriate movies or TV shows. Cable TV more often than not features violent movies, sitcoms, and shows for entertainment and with death, crime, and mayhem regularly being displayed at home people can be led to subconsciously view aggression and violence as common and socially acceptable behavior. Due to the rating differences for movies versus television, movies can be more graphic regarding violence, including rape scenes, gruesome death scenes, and include other acts that cause one to become desensitized towards violence.
It is said that television violence increases the arousal levels of viewers and makes them more prone to act aggressively. I would believe this mostly because the majority of violence revolves around control and power. Proving that the victim is somehow lesser than the person committing the crime against them. E...

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...are all outlets researchers often place blame when considering the effects media has on violent behavior. I feel it is an extremely complicated method to blame the media for all violence. The person committing violent acts, is choosing to commit those acts. The acceptability of the violent act is altered by the media’s influence and reach regarding violence. Every outlet provides only a glimpse into how much violence is allegedly occurring because of media in the world today. I’m not an extremist one way or the other, however I do partially believe the research that has been done in regards to media and violence. I feel there is little objectivity or reason to not commit violent acts, when violence is a person’s normal. Media is everywhere and I feel that yes, media does have an effect on violence “contributes” however I don’t feel it can be blamed for the violence.

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