Essay on The Effects Of Television On Society 's Lives

Essay on The Effects Of Television On Society 's Lives

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Television has been integrated into society’s lives mainly as a source of entertainment. People spend hours on end watching their favorite shows. But many also argue that T.V. makes the world less intelligent because people follow a path that seems to lead to lower standards. Ever since the invention of the television, people’s minds have developed to a greater extent that society has improved their logic and cognitive function. Shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation makes viewers analyze the plot of the story as they watch the show. Therefore, their logic increases while keeping them entertained.
Most people think that society is getting dumber because we want “simple pleasures” (Johnson 276), and what the people want the media to produce. But according to Johnson, we are watching shows like 24 that needs to keep track of the whole show and make our own assumptions and follow social relationship as the episode goes on. A decade ago people don’t make this kind of interaction with television. This is what Johnson calls the “Sleeper Curve” (277). The surge of information between the early and modern T.V. programs. Every decade, television shows increases in cognitive demand. The storyline of previous shows of the past decade has greatly improved. T.V. series used to have a basic plot – intro, climax, and the conclusion. Lead characters don’t develop as much compared to today’s cast of characters. Even recurring and supporting characters grow over time unlike earlier shows that only one or two lead characters grow over the course of the show. Not only that today’s show follows the plot of the show, but it also follows the character’s background along with the story of the whole show and with ambiguous situations. Which develops t...

... middle of paper ..., there will be a few episode or two that will keep the audience on their seats, but most of the show it will be the same as the previous episode.
In conclusion, we are getting smarter because the media is getting more complex and continuously evolving over the years. There are other shows like Once Upon a Time that I believe doesn’t necessarily contribute to increasing human intelligence. But there are thousands or maybe even millions of shows that TV’s generate. Johnson states that in order to understand what Sleeper Curve is to watch a hit program from an earlier era. They will find what has been stated before, less content and it can be quite boring for most. Overall, media and popular culture greatly provide us information that increases our IQ. And what’s more enjoyable than learning while being entertained without deceiving our brain that it is, in fact, fun.

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