Essay on The Effects Of Television On Obesity On Children

Essay on The Effects Of Television On Obesity On Children

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Some researchers have hypothesized that T.V. watching could promote obesity in children in several various ways. Firstly is displaces time for physical activity replacing it with sitting. Secondly it promotes poor diets, giving more time for unhealthy snacking (during T.V. viewing). Thirdly it even can interfere with sleep. Lack of sleep leads to obesity in children as well. I believe that the more a child watches T.V. the more obese they will become.
There are many social stigmas attached to being overweight in children just as there are in adults. In many ways this stigma can be as harmful to a child as the physical diseases and conditions of obesity are. Our society puts a premium on thinness, and studies are showing that children as young as six have negative stereotypes about being overweight and the believe children who are overweight are less likeable, and therefore overweight children tend to have few friends. Generally overweight children have lower self-esteem, these felling could lead to feelings of low self-confidence and shame about their bodies. This in turn can lead to poor academic performance. These issues in general can cause peers to avoid them, teasing and bullying can happen, they can have trouble making friends and could be the last one chosen for teams in physical education class. All these scenarios can cause a child to become sad and depressed and withdraw into himself. Because of all these negative issues in an overweight child’s daily life this can cause the child to start seeking emotional comfort in food, and eat more.
Due to the increasing rate at which children are overweight the weight-related diseases are becoming more common among children and teenagers. A child’s becoming overw...

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...ite harmful for children. A growing child needs food from every good group every day, dieting often restricts foods from certain groups or eliminates some altogether. If a child diets it may be dangerous because they may not be getting the right kinds and amounts of nutrients needed for healthy development and growth. An alternative to dieting maybe to simply eat healthy. Cut back on foods high in fat, for example greasy fried food, fast food and sweets. Drink water as an alternative to sodas and sports drinks. Add healthy snack choices such as fruits and veggies. Best of all follow the Canada Food Guide for well-rounded meal plans. In addition to eating healthy the child should get out more, walk or ride a bike instead of getting a ride. Go swimming for fun and exercise. Just get up and go outside and play instead of watching T.V. or playing video games.

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