Essay The Effects Of Television On Children 's Growing Behavior

Essay The Effects Of Television On Children 's Growing Behavior

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Nowadays, there are new and upgraded forms of media we can access everywhere. These media are mostly watched and used by children. Media, such as violent movies, video games and even cartoons, contain horrifyingly graphic pictures that could contribute to children’s growing behavior. A lot of news presented on the television is significantly related to violence. Some children exposed to those media have been seen a murderer or people who are fight and being killed, which they might follow in the future. With that, although the media is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing form of entertainment available today, it is still a substantial contributor for children to become aggressive, desensitize in to violence and could produce anxiety which can affect their growing experience.
As we all know, children are sometimes got tired and exhausted due to bundle of school requirements and exams. One way to reduce this is by having time to relax and enjoy without any worries. Also watching your favorite movie or playing video games is perfect for relaxation. It can reduce a child’s possibility to become tired. But having too much media can be a reason of changing children’s path. Children can be addicted to such video games and movies, which later result on not socializing with other people and not eating on time because children are in the climax of watching their show or playing video games.
According to the National Television Violence Study, a steady sixty percent of programs across twenty-six channels contain some physical aggression. They even stated that children 's programming is more violent than all other program types and even virtually all superhero cartoons as well as slapstick cartoons contain violence. Knowing this fact is ...

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...ppen to them. As a result, they become anxious and scared to be alone.
In conclusion, some children who are exposed to violent media such as television, movies, video games, and even cartoon shows are affected. They become aggressive and numb to some violence around them and may lead to anxiety or fear. Knowing this fact, parent might be nervous on how to address this problem. Some ways they can prevent violent behavior among their children are set limits and supervised them in watching or using media. Parents can customize the website to be used by their children. Also, in terms of playing video games, parents should explain the details of it to their children for them to understand the concept of killing and know that not all video games are good models that they can follow. Using those ways, it may reduce your children’s probability of acquiring violent behavior.

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