The Effects Of Television On Children And Youth Essay

The Effects Of Television On Children And Youth Essay

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As a child my parents were often busy throughout the house paying far more attention to other things instead of what I was watching. In order to keep me entertained like most parents now days, they just stuck me in front of the television and gave me the remote to roam the channels as I pleased. Many parents often make this mistake with their children, leaving their naïve minds to soak up every bit of information provided by the television.
If not supervised children can stumble upon channels that engage their minds into concepts far above their age. Many channels these days are pretty wide open in the sense that if a child should just scroll through, even for a second they could catch a word or image that may never leave their head, possibly changing their outlook on many different things. For example studies conducted by the Canadian Pediatric Society have shown that "television exposes children to adult sexual behaviors in ways that portray these actions as normal and risk-free" ("Impact of media use on children and youth"). Most parents fear their children seeing such concepts before an appropriate age, leaving them to pick up bad habits or sick minded ideas, all of which can be taken away from a thirty minute television show that mom or dad wasn’t in the room to approve of in time. Having seen such behavior strikes up curiosity which can lead to inappropriate searches and worst of all the ruined naïve mindset they once had. As stated by the Canadian Pediatric Society "Numerous studies document adolescents’ susceptibility to the media’s influence on their sexual attitudes, values and beliefs" ("Impact of media use on children and youth"). The sight of one occurrence on television may counter any morals or beliefs parent...

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..., limitations set on television consumption by not only the parents but by the children themselves can contribute to a healthy balance. Parents can preserve the minds of their children by monitoring what channels they are allowed to view and for how long. Whereas children can make it a last priority after all school work is done as well a making sure to make it a point to only watch shows that are going to beneficial to their education.
Television is such a large part of our society today for all age groups. The development of children is targeted in all aspects when in the presence of it. If not careful children will stumble upon shows and form habits that can be critical to their behavior and thought process. Health issues and complexes can also arise from over-consumption as well. Where it does serve a few positive outcomes, overall it is a negative influence.

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