The Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy On The School System Essay

The Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy On The School System Essay

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Over the recent years, I have seen an influx of teenage pregnancy in my county, Franklin County. I was not sure if it had always been like this and I was just finally realizing it more because I was growing up with the people who were getting pregnant or were school systems and parents just starting to fail to teach children about abstinence and contraceptive methods. In Franklin County, we never had anyone teach us in depth about sex education. “Why was that?” I would always think. I soon came to realize for classes about sex education, the Franklin County School System would need the money to promote these types of classes and that is something we simply did not have. Usually, the money the school system gets comes from taxes of the citizens, but if the citizens are poor, the school will be poor. Therefore, I found an indirect link between rates of teenage pregnancy and average household income levels. I wanted to know how this relationship affected all of North Carolina, not just Franklin County.
I began my lab with collecting data on the number of teenagers who were pregnant in the year 2013 in all North Carolina Counties from the State Agency Data: Department of Health and Human Services. The teens ranged in age from 15 to 19 and the group not only included live births, but abortions and miscarriages where the fetuses were 20 weeks or more older as well. I understood that this was only population data that I had collected, so it had to be normalized. I then searched for a set of data that had the total pregnancies in all NC counties in 2013. It was important to make sure that this data not only included live births, but miscarriages and abortions over 20 weeks old also which it did. This data also was collected from the Sta...

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...r child, and they could probably only tell you as much as a peer. Also, in areas of low household income, it is more difficult to afford contraceptives such as birth control and condoms, if you are sexually active. All around, teens who grow up in poverty have less resources to learn about and have safe sex.
Some data shown in my map does still contradict my theory. In some areas of low household income, there are actual low rates of teen pregnancy. I wonder what those few counties could be doing different and is there any way to implement what they are doing in other poor NC counties. Overall, though, most counties income level correlates with their rate of teenage pregnancy. In areas where most of the citizens are in poverty or close, more teens are getting pregnant. These teenagers have no resources, funding, or time provided to them to teach them about safe sex.

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