The Effects Of Teen Alcoholism On Teens Essay

The Effects Of Teen Alcoholism On Teens Essay

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About five thousand teens die from underage drinking each year from suicide, drunk driving, etc. There are many different effects and causes of teens that start drinking. There is not enough attention to teens that drink and still there is a huge amount of teens still dying each year. Teenage Alcoholism is a huge problem, not in just the United States but all around the world. Stricter laws need to be enforced to lower the rates of teens dying and create a more safe and happy place for teens and adults.

Alcoholism comes with many problems and consequences that are dangerous for young teens. In America the average age for a girl’s first drink is thirteen, and for a boy it’s eleven. Young teens that drink are more likely to do with or be involved with violent crimes, car crashes from alcohol influence, and somehow dealing with depression/anxiety. Teens brains are still functioning properly, so when teens drink a large amount of alcohol, it messes up the process of the brain forming completely, leading to long term health effects. Another problem from alcohol is binging on it. “Teens are eight times more likely to do things such as miss classes, fall behind, and be injured by binge drinking. Binge drinking has many effects on teens. This can cause blacking out, behave differently than how they normally behave, and memory loss when they are intoxicated” (“Help Guide”). “College students aged 18-22 are more likely to binge drinking than non college students of the same age” (“Help Guide”). Some binge drinkers just binge to get away from their problems or just on the weekends with their friends. Binge drinking can also cause alcohol poisoning, which is a form of alcohol overdosing. Drinking alcohol too fast or too much of it can ...

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...y that being punished would hurt the kids future more than just a drinking issue. Higher education would be more beneficial, to avoid alcoholism later on. A study has shown that "Teens parents that held parties where drinking was allowed were twice as likely to binge drink as those whose parents did not” (“STATS”). The study also showed that teens who drank at home with their parents around or with them, were half a likely to have a drink in the last month.
Teenage Alcoholism is a very big problem across the world. Teens struggle with alcoholism from peer pressure, curiosity, and family history. Also drunk driving is a huge problem with alcoholism. 1 in 10 high school students drink and drive. This affects teens, and even people on the road. Stricter laws need to be enforced upon schools and colleges, and even the comfort of our own homes, for a safer environment.

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