The Effects Of Technology On The Lives Of People Today Essay

The Effects Of Technology On The Lives Of People Today Essay

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There are many things that impact people during their lives. One of the many things that impact the lives of people today is the modern day electronics. People depended on electronics for their everyday use, although only 50 years ago, they were just dreams people were hoping for. There are many electronics in the modern day, but some are used way more than others. The cell phone, computer, and tablet are some of the ones often used by adults. The ones that teenagers use the most is the cell phone, laptop, and game boxes such as the xbox.
I believe that the way that teenagers use electronics changes many things about them. Many teenagers use their phones for not only texting, but music, internet browsing, and social media. The way that people talk to each other over instant messaging and texting is completely different than the way people talk face to face. They can communicate with faces and with text lingo, such as lol and brb. Texting is also a way to miscommunicate with someone. People have the chance to make the mistake of taking what someone is taking in the wrong way. You have the luxury in some cases to hide behind the phone, but end up saying what you wouldn’t be able to say to their face.
Phones come with many apps that you do not have to search for that do take teenagers ' attention away from the real world or that they use in an everyday setting. Many teenagers use their music apps to get out of the real world. I have realized that many people put their earbuds in and turn up the music when they are sad or just tired. At school many people listen to music to also stay focused. I personally use my music app and my alarm clock app. I use the alarm clock app to wake me up for school or even remind me when to take med...

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...r is talking to him and see that he is not even paying attention to her. Many teenagers see these apps as a way of life and have even turned to them to when they have bad days or are mad at someone. Teenagers abuse these apps by posting provocative pictures and even have begun to bully over the internet. They do this because they believe they can hide behind the internet and not get caught. Many teenagers are not mature enough to be able to get on these apps and act appropriately, but parents just let them do as they please. Just yesterday a 5th grader tried to follow me on Instagram. Teenagers also do not realize that potential jobs do look through their social media to see the person they are behind the face they saw at an interview. Social media makes a huge impact on teenagers and just everyday people. The impact it makes on you is decided by you. Choose wisely.

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