Effects Of Technology On Teenagers And Teenagers Essay

Effects Of Technology On Teenagers And Teenagers Essay

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Today or Too Late…
Technology is a big role in everyone 's lives, it has become an addiction especially to teenagers. In the 80’s kids were addicted to cigarettes. Why are our teenagers behaviors changing, is it all because of technology? Why are we letting ourselves becoming this way? All because we are addicted? We can’t give up our connection to all those people on social media sites, even for a short while?
Technology has changed teenagers now a days. When you look back 20-30 years ago you see kids playing in the backyard with their parents. You see them sitting down for supper without their phones. Now almost every child you encounter knows how to run any type of technology that you set in front of them. They have become so accustom to having technology that they chose not even to go outside and play anymore, they chose to play with their friends online. They can 't even set an actual conversation with an adult or employer anymore. Sherry Turkle talks to us about how we aren 't making conversations anymore. Teens are losing themselves and everyone around them. The only problem is they know no different. They are growing up with technology embracing them, with its arms outstretched toward them ready to hold them close. Like a mother with a child.
Now, we have young teenagers who will do anything their parents want just so they can have their phones. My cousins are an example of this, their parents give them a list of chores to do and when they don’t get them done they get their devices taken away from them. Then all of a sudden it takes them two hours to finish their chores, all to get their phones back. But they didn’t want to do it all out of responsibility they had to have a reason to do it, and incentive I should say. W...

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... the screen but they can 't. They are simply addicted to the attention even if it is negative. Teenager 's find themselves continuing to log on over and over. No matter the circumstances. They are addicted to their technology, like someone is addicted to a cigarette. No matter how hard they can try to quit cold turkey it doesn 't work you just want to go back for one more peek. One peek turns into an entire day trying to understand why people want to treat you this way. Why one can be so cruel online but not toward your face.
Our society today, is turning for the worse. We are unable to make friends, conversations, anything remotely to what it human interaction use it be. Kids aren 't kids. Parents aren 't parents. Technology is our life. I feel if we don 't wean ourselves soon there will nothing left, but a bunch of in-human creature’s not even living life anymore.

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