The Effects Of Technology On Our Youth Essay

The Effects Of Technology On Our Youth Essay

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Many people consider access to technology is damaging to our youth; however, I believe that is simply not the case. Nevertheless control of how much and what content should begin at home, and parents if done correctly can easily prevent any harm that is understood to be a harmful effect accredited to technology. The negative influence that can be seen on our youth comes from parents who are not implementing the techniques necessary to ensure that their children can handle technology safely and responsibly such as, teaching Internet safety, monitoring, and teaching and being an example of proper responsibility with technology.
Addressing the social media phenomenon, and the youth addiction of the mobile phone in general is a great challenge at best. The common miscalculation consists in thinking that the supply always automatically generates a demand when, in fact, it is a feedback system in which both are seen as oppositions, and are concurrently the cause and effect. (David) Should we ask, what if it is more important to appear to be in the click, than to actually be in the click? Abundant in social media, it could be said that this is a kind of terrible, new, easy and superficial “gossiping” on the part of adults, and youth is an attempt to explain what is happening in some depth in the social media click, nevertheless, while engaging in context. In the height of popularity adopting technology, such as Facebook is not always well-analyzed and understood play between technological supply and social demand (“market”) always occurs. Technologists generally commit this mistake.

The opposing side will argue that technology itself is the problem and the only way to prevent its effects on our youth is to shield them from it complete...

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... It is important to “talk to kids about what they see on TV and share your own beliefs and values. If something you don’t approve of appears on the screen, turn off the TV and use the opportunity to ask your child thought-provoking questions” (Healthy 2). Setting a positive example is one of the most influential and effective techniques to teach children because they are used to mimicking our behaviors and looking up to their parents.
Though it is a popular belief that technology imposes inevitable negative influences on our youth, which is not necessarily the case. Parents can stop these minor effects of technology if they are willing to follow the steps necessary to eliminating these damaging effects on our children. In order to phase out these negative influences, parents much teach Internet safety, monitor, and teach and of proper responsibility with technology.

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