The Effects Of Technology On Human Species Essay

The Effects Of Technology On Human Species Essay

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It is not hard to see the effect technology has had on the human species. It has increased life expectancy, cured diseases, allowed us to explore beyond our planet into space, and allowed us to do incredible feats once thought impossible. With all the good that comes with the advancement of technology it brings along a whole lot of bad. We can only ask ourselves does the good outweigh the bad. Nuclear bombs, chemical warfare, and the destruction of whole ecosystems which contribute to the extinction of species. With all the way technology brings humans together, it continues to drive us apart. We spend our lives looking at the small computers in our hands instead of developing connections with those around us. We trade experiences and human interaction with tweets and Instagram post. Technology does far more damage than good.
For all the diseases we cure we create weapons that can wipe whole civilizations with the push of a button. The major powers of this planet spends millions upon million of dollars towards developing new and more efficient ways to kill people. We weaponize virus...

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