Essay about The Effects Of Syrian Refugees On The United States

Essay about The Effects Of Syrian Refugees On The United States

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The war in Syria has been ongoing for at least four years and many of Syria’s civilians are fleeing the country. Some of the refugees are fleeing to Europe and they are allowed inside to live in Europe and the United States is being pressured to allow more of those refugees to come to this country. Syrian refugees should not be admitted to the United States because the United States has many domestic problems of their own, there might be terrorists and extremists that pretend to be refugees that get into this country, and it will cost a lot to pay for those refugees that fled with nothing.
Syrian refugees should not be allowed to come to the United States because the United States has problems domestically, like homeless people and unemployed citizens. In the U.S., more than 3,500,000 million people experience homelessness each year (“Message From Our Executive Director...”par.2). There are 7,908,000 people who are unemployed in the United States in October 2015 (US Unemployed table 1). These two statistics prove that, in the United States, there are still many citizens of in the United States that need the government’s help to be happy and well. It is more important to help the citizens of this nation before looking globally to help others. A report prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded that native-born and immigrant high school dropouts are almost perfect substitutes for one another in the labor market. (“Impact of Mexican Immigration...”par.4). This means bringing in more refugees will increase competition for jobs. Help the people of this nation before helping foreigners.
Syrian refugees should not be allowed to flee to the United States because it is possible that there are terrorists a...

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...hat who had been admitted to the United States since 9/11, only 2 Iraqis have been arrested on terrorist charges. They believe that this means that Syrian refugees and refugees in general do not pose a threat to the United States. The only people arrested were Iraqis. However, this is not true. The one of the Paris attackers got to Europe via Greece using a fake Syrian passport (Walker, Bisserbe, par. 1). This means that he was pretending to be a refugee coming into the European Union and this could also happen to the United States if we let refugees in.
Syrian refugees should not be invited to come to the United States because domestic problems like homeless people and unemployed people are more important, extremists and terrorists might sneak into this country, and it cost a lot of money to pay for the Syrian refugees. They should not be invited for these reasons.

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