The Effects Of Summer And Tsunami On Politics Essay

The Effects Of Summer And Tsunami On Politics Essay

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Is there a connection, inf not causality, between summer and tsunami in politics. No one seems to have carefully studied the association or no one has bothered to post their findings on google. My google search returned anything but this association. This year, July appears to be the month of political turmoil across the world.

Not all turmoil have manifested in July. Some appeared before the month, but left behind a trail of perilous after-effects for July. Some occurred in this very month. All of them have serious consequences, some for their countries and the wider world and others largely for their respective countries.

The most earthshaking tsunami has culminated in the United States. Started early this year, the presidential primaries have reached their crescendo. The Republican Party has coroneted of Donald Trump -- reportedly a nativist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, Mexicophobic, and isolationist bigot and real estate tycoon with frequent records of bankruptcies and bullying -- as its official candidate for the US presidency in the quadrennial convention in Cleveland last week. The world has much to fear if he wins the White House in November this year.

The Democratic Party will crown Hillary Clinton -- the former secretary of state and first lady, who has been accused by the opposition of lying and wheeling and dealing for money and power -- as its bell weather in Philadelphia later this month for the most powerful office in the world. Under Clinton, the United States and the world can expect the business as usual, no significant departure from the policies of her former boss, Barack Obama.

In the United Kingdom, politics and markets are in an upheaval following the people 's decision in the referendum of last month to t...

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...thdrawn its support from the CPN (UML) leader KP Oli, rendering the government a minority one. The NCP, the largest party in the current house, has joined the Center in filing a no-confidence motion against the government in the parliament.

Why political storms, just like the hurricanes in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, lash out in summer? Since I have not seen or found anything about it, I feel free to propose my own hypothesis: Summers in the Northern Hemisphere with long days and bright weather stimulates testosterone of politicians and ensure more enthusiastic public participation, some of which turn out to be political storms.

Summer days also offer longer hours to engage in politicking. Hence politicians often organize conventions and elections in summer or prepare the ground for them just after summer.

Hence, heightened political activities around this time.

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