Effects Of Sugar Cane On The Country Of The United States Essay

Effects Of Sugar Cane On The Country Of The United States Essay

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In the Caribbean, Cuba is the largest island ranking as the seventeen largest in the world. It has low hills and fertile valleys that cover half of the country. Its mountains divide the country in western, central, and eastern regions with Pico Turquino as the highest mountain peak (1,974m). The humid and tropical climate of Cuba facilitates the production of agriculture; sugar cane is the most vital crop in the country, which happens to be its largest export. Other crops in production on the island are Tobacco as the second largest export, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, rice, plantains, bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes and others. As of June 1959, by an agrarian reform law, the Cuban government becomes the owner of all land in the country and establishes the National Institute of Agrarian Reform (INRA) as the general administrator. Due to this measure, the government controls the farmlands and all agricultural exportation. Cuba besides its agriculture produces nickel, which makes the country the fourth major exporter of this resource in the world. In addition, the island produces cobalt, gold, gypsum, salt from seawater and ammonia.
Cuba has been among the least religious of all Latin American countries because of its history of communism. Catholic is the dominant religion, but very few practice it, however, during the 90’s with the introduction of an amendment to the policy that excluded persons with religious belief from the Communist Party, there is an increase on Evangelical and Pentecostal revival religious devotion. The government requires all churches to follow the rules of association and to be immediately registered. In 1998, the visit of Pope John Paul II encouraged many of the young people to improve co...

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...nwhile the Revolutionary Armed Forces still very professional and well trained. In southeastern-Cuba under a leasing treaty sign in 1934, the United States has maintained a naval Base at Guantanamo bay with about 2000 military personnel despite the Castro regime’s request to leave.
The republic of Cuba during the twenty first century has become one of most complicated countries in the world due to the physical and political distribution of the Cuban people. The country still perceived as the only remaining Communist state to rank well on health and education under the United Nations. The current President Raul Castro as commander-in-chief with his legitimate control over the country government affairs, Ministry branches, the people and their resources during this 21st century continue to maintain the country under the scrutiny and uncertainty of a better future.

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