The Effects Of Stress On Your Job Performance Essay

The Effects Of Stress On Your Job Performance Essay

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Majority of us live a busy life. Our typical day start rushing, either to go to work, attend to our families, do house works, and accomplish unending chores etc. And ironically, after all the work we did all day, we finished it by planning the work we will do for the next day and rewarding ourselves with late night sleeps. We work so hard until we feel so tired and so stressed. Consequently, doing the same work every day in routine is a monotonic activity. We feel unchallenged, bored and stressed. Stresses we feel can be both positive and negative. Stress can provide motivation or spur creativity, while too much of stress can have negative consequences unless it is controlled.
There are external factors beyond our control that can tremendously change or affect our perceptions and attitudes towards our work. These factors can contribute a positive or negative stimulus on our job performance. In the workplace for instance, the attitude of people who we work with; the untrained co-workers who are not skilled to do the job, the bad management policies, the unfair treatment towards employees, the unclear descriptions of roles and responsibilities of workers , bad working environment, and others could make our job difficult, stressful, and unproductive. And when we, as workers get the feeling of boredom, exhaustion, non appreciation of fellow workers or our superiors, then, anxiety and work stress problems build up. These negative feelings, could get the best of anyone, it may even affect our mental and physical health which can be a major source of violence. But these problems can be controlled by effective management strategies and responsible human resources.
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Work stress related problem is a common problem in any type of work. Stress at work is the result of unhappy work place caused by constant pressure in beating work deadlines, hearing too much noise, very warm office, unappreciated work etc. Work related stress can also manifest as hot temper, uncontrollable anger, or could even result to violence or suicidal tendencies when not controlled. These issues should be given importance because if not controlled or dealt with, work stress related problem, in worst case scenarios, could take life or property. Controlling stress related problem in the workplace may not be easy. However, addressing and solving the issue is possible with an open mind management and responsible human resources using simple and effective strategies. Helping employees relieve stress problems benefits employees and employers alike.

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