Essay about The Effects Of Stress On College Life

Essay about The Effects Of Stress On College Life

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xplaining Essay: How to Reduce Stress in College Life
Having a paper due at the end of the week, two tests tomorrow, a sore throat, and a friend that wants to talk all night can be stressful. I know I’m not the only college student overwhelmed by college stress and almost ready to quit. Even those who stick it out sometimes don’t do as well as they should because they are so consumed with worry. There is a way out.
Give yourself permission to make mistakes. You don’t have control over some of the stress you will feel, like the due dates of papers, or problems with the printer. However, you do have control over how seriously you take the mistakes you make yourself. Often we are much harder on our own mistakes than we are on others. Rather than beat yourself up about missing a homework assignment, letting a friend down or eating too much ice cream during late night studying, make a plan of how to avoid the mistakes you can change, and forgive yourself for the mistakes which were really an accident, like tearing your roommate’s library book, or spilling coffee on your best shirt.
Use music. We all know that music can calm us down or make us upbeat. Did you know that music therapy is actually something that people study? Music therapists know that music affects our emotions and can be a powerful way to help us keep our thoughts headed in the right direction. Music therapy is used with depressed people to help them avoid medication, and you can use music to help you get over the stress of your college situation. To do that, you will need to analyze how different music makes you feel. Does classical music calm you down? Or do you prefer Celtic music, Indie, Rock, Jazz or even white noise? Some people prefer to have music with ...

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...job, it’s easy for students to take on more than they can handle. If you’ve signed up for an excessive number of courses, don’t be afraid to drop one, and remember that you can always say no when you’re asked to organize the Latin Club’s annual yard sale. “Take good, loving care of yourself,” Forbes says. “You are your own parent from here on out. Start caring for yourself like you would for a child in your charge.”
Breathe. When you feel stressed, deep-breathing exercises can help melt away the tension. Try this exercise: Inhale slowly through your nose, hold the breath for a few seconds, then exhale through your mouth, and repeat as needed. This helps prevent the short, shallow breaths that often accompany feelings of tension.
Going to college can put a lot of pressure on someone. Using some of these strategies will help reduce stress and make college a breeze.

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