The Effects Of Stress On Adolescents And Adolescents Essay

The Effects Of Stress On Adolescents And Adolescents Essay

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“‘I am stressed out’ is a phrase that has been echoed by teens down through the ages” (LaRue & Herrman, 2008). The adolescent years are a time of heightened stress. Adolescents experience a myriad of stressors, the most common being school, money problems, and relationships with parents. Active coping is the most commonly used strategy that teenagers employ when facing stress. Stress management programs can be beneficial to adolescent stress when they teach critical thinking and coping skills for handling stress. As a future psychology professional, the research can be used to develop best practices for stress management in adolescents.
Stress and Adolescents
Stress is any event that affects an individual’s life significantly. Stress can also include events that are not considered life-changing but rather a hassle in everyday life (Vacek, Coyle, & Vera, 2010). Adolescents can experience a variety of stressors, ranging from small inconveniences to life changing events. Stress in adolescents can cause high-risk behaviors such as smoking, drug abuse, and sexual behaviors. It can also cause behavioral problems, depression, suicide ideation, and suicide completion. Long-term exposure to stress can also cause chronic psychological and physical illnesses (LaRue & Herrman, 2008). High levels of stress in adolescents can also cause anxiety, headaches, and abdominal pain. The research on stress has identified the three most common stressors that adolescents face are school (LaRue, 2008), money problems (LaRue, 2008; Vera, et al, 2012), and relations with parents (Vera, et al, 2012; LaRue, 2008; Seiffge-Krenke, et al, 2009).
The three main areas of school stress are fear of failing, performance or test anxiety, and conflicts w...

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...ill also be researched and developed into a program. These classes and programs will be offered to interested students to attend during the advisory extension class period as well as the after school program. Completion of a professional school counselor degree and licensing will also continue to be considered as a future professional psychology practice.
` Very few studies were found in the psychology research databases on the use of journaling and expressive art therapy as a coping strategy for adolescent stress. Additional research should be conducted to develop additional best practices for stress management in adolescents. Parents, teachers, counselors, and other significant adults need to be aware of the effects of stress on adolescents, the coping strategies they use, and stress management programs that are available to help teens handle stress.

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