The Effects Of Starting School On The Social Aspect Of Development Essay

The Effects Of Starting School On The Social Aspect Of Development Essay

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Starting school has a mainly positive affect on the social aspect of development, a child will be able to socialise with other children they meet in school. This gives them a chance to develop social skills such as starting and holding a conversation and learning to respect others, their opinions and beliefs. This is an important skill to develop for a successful future in work and other situations. A negative impact this event can have on social development is adverse reactions to socialising, if a child is repeatedly rejected from social groups and/or bullied, they will not get the social experience they require to grow socially. This can have a negative impact on their general development, confidence and self-esteem. Intellectually, starting school is the best thing that a child can do for their development in this area. Attending school means they are gaining knowledge on all the core subjects such as maths and English. This will have a great positive impact on their intellectual development and life skills as they will be able to get good qualifications for a good job to support themselves in the future. Attending school does not usually have a negative impact on the intellectual development of a child, although if they are going to school and not concentrating or doing their work they can jeopardise their future by not learning what they need to. Physically, when a child starts school they will be doing generally more walking to get from school, different classes and doing P.E. This will help with development of their gross motor skills and keep them fit. Most children will be able to hold a pencil and some a pen to write neatly, this will greatly develop their fine motor skills. Emotionally starting school can have both a p...

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...rom other people) Socially divorce can be difficult, when two people have been married, their friendship groups usually merge and when a split happens, it can be difficult knowing who to turn to for advice and support, this can cause anxiety and depression. Socially a divorce and less time away from a partner can open up more opportunities to new experiences, for example if a wife wanted to try cooking classes but a husband did not the wife would now be able to try such an activity without needing to compromise for her partner. Physical intimacy is a natural part of a monogamous and loving relationship. In the case of divorce this is likely to slow down if not completely stop. This can be stressful emotionally and may also have a physical impact. This can have a detrimental impact on emotional wellbeing as just being with a life partner can reduce stress and anxiety.

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