The Effects Of Sports On Children And High School Athletics Essay

The Effects Of Sports On Children And High School Athletics Essay

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Kids around the world have many interests and hobbies, many to choose from, but the most popular interest to a child is sports. Athletes all over the world dedicate time and gratitude to become an amazing athlete, or even make a living from the sport itself. Although, the road ahead for those children athletes are going to be a huge obstacle due to many reasons. The biggest bump to affect a children’s activity with the sports world are of course, injuries. What is an injury? An injury is a physical unfortunate event that happens within the body, which is harmful or even life threatening depending on the part of the body that was damaged severely. Many children pass on getting checked or examined medically by doctors and physicians to stay playing the sport. Overuse and overpractice are the leading cause of injury to child and high school athletics. Being an athlete myself, I completely understood what it feels like to sit out and watch others be great, and take the shine as an all-star, but that is not the case at all. Many have had an terrible injury from over practicing with a strict coach and tearing a muscle within my leg, and I was later examined by a therapist.
The problem with today, up to 2 million athletes around the world annually ends up having a sports related injuries. Athletes 14 years and under are the most common to risking an injury, which 3.5 million teenagers a year bring upon a major injury within their athletics. Up to date, up to 50% of high school student athletes injuries are sustained by overuse injuries. What is an overuse injury? Overuse injuries are injuries caused by repetitive trauma or force upon the area of contact within the person or

person’s body that causes it to break or fracture. There ar...

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...thin the sports world of injuries include the nature of the sport (contact, endurance), training sessions, coaching (over-practice), playing surface, and of course equipment. Kids and teenagers must learn the concepts of injuries and how to subdue them using rest, techniques, and tactics to protect themselves to do well on skill on that court. Children around the world may not have the thoughts of injuries but sooner or later they will come into the picture. The NCHSAA, Parents, family, and friends can always prepare their friend and child of what may happen to the in the future. For everyone to send them a special message upon injury prevention may even save that kid’s life one day. Injuries are unconditional physical distortion to the body that is painful, withdrawing athletic activity. There is no cure, but there will always be prevention within the sports world.

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