The Effects Of Sports On An Athletic Program Essay

The Effects Of Sports On An Athletic Program Essay

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Athletics, for a majority of the student population, provides a very meaningful experience in education. People that participate in athletics will have better self-esteem, social confidence, and more academic achievement. Participating in an athletic program will help the student contribute to the school community, which will help them identify with school values. One factor that may be overlooked in the participation of sports is that it helps students have better physical health. Students who participate in sports learn to respect their health and they will try to stay healthier than students who have never participated in a sport. There are so many numerous reasons to get involved in athletics in the school setting, but there arise many barriers that cause them not to join.
Growing up, athletics was an escape from the monotony of school. When I went to practice I felt that I was a part of something bigger than school. Being an athlete makes you feel a sense of pride for yourself. Not everyone in school is in an athletic program, so the exclusivity made me feel that I was important. I knew that athletics was beneficial for students, but the one question I had was is there barriers that other students have to overcome in an athletic program.
In my athletic career I had so many positive role models that were coaches, that once I started my career in education I knew that I wanted to coach. Being a coach comes with a sense of pride in your work. Coaches are able to work with students and change their lives. In my career, I have coached many young students, but the one thing that puzzled me was the barriers causing some students not to participate.
What are the barriers for students to not want to participate in ...

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... type of thinking causes young female students to not want to participate in athletics. I need to make sure that I am encouraging young female athletes to get involved in athletics.
Concluding Reflections on my Research
After researching my topic, I now have a better understanding as to why people are not participating in physical activities and athletic programs. A misconception that I previously had was when students did not participate it was because they felt athletically challenged. I now understand that there could be actual barriers that may prevent them from participating. With this research I am now armed with better information to recognize these barriers and to possibly help them overcome them. As an educator and a coach it is my duty to make sure that students can overcome these barriers so they can succeed in areas that they thought they couldn’t.

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