Essay on The Effects Of Special Education On Children With Autism

Essay on The Effects Of Special Education On Children With Autism

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Special education is the practice of educating students with disabilities in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs . It is an important aspect of the education system as it gives children with special needs an opportunity to learn the best they can at their own pace and makes sure that all the needs of these children are met, but is it really beneficial for the child to be isolated in these classrooms . Special education classrooms affect both the child emotionally and academically in both good and bad ways.
Scope of Study
The purpose of this study is to investigate how children with disabilities aged 5 to 8 are affected positively or negatively when taught in special needs classrooms. The aim is to determine:
“Do children with disabilities benefit from special education classroom or mainstream schooling?”
The following questions will assist with answering the topic.
1. What are the emotional effects that both special needs classrooms and inclusive classrooms have on children with autism?
2. How do special needs classrooms benefit the learning of a child with autism?
3. How do mainstream classrooms benefit the learning of a child with Autism?
The sources used in this study are both primary and secondary sources Interviews will be conducted of special needs teachers. Other sources such as internet; articles, reports, and documentaries or videos will be used in order to find information. The teachers that will be interviewed and any articles I read could have a bias opinion as this is controversial topic and they themselves could have a bias.

Focus Question 1: What are the emotional effects that both special needs classrooms and inclusive classrooms have on children with autism? ...

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...ild with autism as they are able to learn from both classroom settings. Mainstream classrooms can assist the child mentally and emotionally because it exposes the children without disabilities to differences that children with autism have causing them to eventually see children with autism no differently then they see others in turn preventing future bullying. Mainstream classrooms can also assist with the child with autism’s learning as they can learn from example when surrounded by academically talented peers. Special needs classrooms can also improve the child with autism mental health and help them academically as the classrooms protect them from any kind of bullying during their life where they may be the most vulnerable. Special needs classrooms are also beneficial to the child academically as their specific needs are met by the teachers in these classrooms.

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