Essay about The Effects Of Spanking On A Child 's Behavior

Essay about The Effects Of Spanking On A Child 's Behavior

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Dani Ante
English 1020-003
Sarah Crotzer
17 Nov 2015

Spanking Leads to Negative Behavior, So Think Twice!

Every parent has differing beliefs in how a child must be disciplined. A child’s undesirable behavior is a cause for a parent to spank them to correct them. Simple mistakes made by children, who have yet to develop cognitive reasoning, are not deserving to experience pain. By definition in the psychological world, corporal punishment is used in like terms with spanking. It is the “use of physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain, but not to injury, for the purpose of correction or control of the child’s behavior” (Straus 3). There are countless of studies that has been done by psychologists on the effects of spanking on a child, and these studies backing evidence on its adverse effects on a child’s developmental behavior. Spanking poses multiple negative behavior on a child’s development that is harmful to the child, and it should not be done.

First, exposure and introduction of violence at such a young age imprints on the child’s system. According to a research done by Elizabeth Oddone Paolucci and Claudio Violato. They believed “that through experiencing corporal punishment, violent strategies are modeled or imitated and then added to the child 's behavioral repertoire. These strategies are assumed to interfere with the subsequent learning of more cooperative, prosocial conflict resolution strategies” (199). For example, in an assumption that “…physically punitive parents end up with aggressive children, it is because the child has learned some pattern of response. It maybe suggested, alternatively, that the child had a predisposition toward aggressive behavior, and that the punitive parental...

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...ent approach to disciplining our kids in a healthy manner.
There are no perfect behaviors that can be molded, and surely we cannot all be perfect. We can most certainly try, but we are all humans. It is in our innate nature to have flaws. Molding children in our society today is not that easy, but in the form of spanking, violence is never the key to solving simple mistakes and honest misdemeanors. Spanking directly and indirectly hurts children, and there is no evidence to support that spanking is effective or have generated positive effects in the child’s psycho-behavioral development whether it is procured in short-term or long-term studies. It is best to take other measurements to help raise a kid calmly and thoughtfully. The foundation of one’s development lies in how they are nurtured, and children are to be nurtured with care and with no physical infliction.

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