Effects of Sorority Affiliation on Female Body Image Essay

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Negative implications surrounding the acceptance of body image have introduced an array of challenges and risks to the well being of female students within higher education. Grounded in the process of cognitive development, the pressure to alter oneself to fit the expectations of society’s image of beauty initiates a dissonance between self-acceptance and personal sense-of-belonging (Kopp & Zimmer-Gembeck, 2011, p. 222). This disconnect can be suggested through influences such as autonomous persuasion captured among exterior interpretation, as well as, the prolonged ambition to assume a role within peer affiliation (Tylka & Subich, 2004, p. 314). Overall, such need for acceptance drives participants to abandon healthy self-regulation and principles to acquire assurance within “objectifying” (Tylka & Subich, 2004, p. 315) demands (Kopp & Zimmer-Gembeck, 2011). The following literature review will discuss the existence of recognized negative body image behavior within the realm of higher education. Specifically focused on females, an analysis of theory and research on body perception among college students will be conducted, as well as; an introduction to an expanded view on the probability of promoted behavior within sorority membership.
Theoretical Foundation
Psychological promotion and effects of negative body image can be further explained through support in theoretical foundation (Tylka & Subich, 2004). Several theories have explored the dynamics of personal identity in adherence to the pressures of conformity (Boone et al., 2011; Fredrickson & Roberts, 1997; Kopp & Gembreck, 2011;Macdonald & Palfai, 2007; Schrick et. al, 2012; Thompson & Stice, 2001; Tylka & Subich, 2011). Specifically in relation to body image, “sociocult...

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...body size perceptions
and their weight-related attitudes and behaviors. Journal of American College Health, 69-
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image. Oracle: The Research Journal of the Association of Fraternity and Sorority
Advisiors, 8(1), 16-30.
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risk for body-image disturbance and eating pathology. Current-Directions in
Psychological Science
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symptomatology among college women. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 51(3), 314- 328.
Veazy-Morris, K. D., Parra, G. R. P., & Stender, S. R. S. (2011). Eating attitudes and behaviors
among female college students. Journal of College Counseling, 14, 21-33.

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