The Effects Of Social Work On Mental Health Essay

The Effects Of Social Work On Mental Health Essay

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Social workers in mental health are required to have adequate knowledge about mental illness, treatment approaches, and various medical and social models to explain mental illness. Social work practice in mental health involves a wide range of clients, and working with family has always been a major area of social work practice in mental health (Bland, Renouf & Tullgren, 2015). This practice guideline contains supplementary information about psychoeducation and family therapies, which can be offered to clients and their families within family social work practice in Child Adolescent and Family Service (CAFS) at MidCentral Health.

Child, Adolescent and Family Service
CAFS is an interdisciplinary mental health service for children and youth aged up to 19 years with significant mental health and alcohol and drug issues. CAFS is formed by a team of specialists including clinical social workers, clinical psychologists, psychiatric nurses, a paediatrician, occupational therapists, and a psychiatrist. CAFS’s approach to the clients’ wellbeing is based on family work including psychoeducation, family therapy, as well as individual therapy. Furthermore, CAFS can provide psychological assessments once referrals have been accepted, and consultations about possible treatments will be provided to families and key workers. In addition, CAFS also has access to respite care services in a safe and supportive environment, some individual work, and more resources available for the clients and their families (MidCentral District Health Board [MDHB], 2014).

Family in New Zealand
Before focusing on family social work in mental health service, it is important to be able to identify different types of families in New Zealand. According...

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7) Coping strategy enhancement and problem solving
8) Evaluation and ending
9) Booster session (p.83)

Psychoeducation is one of evidence-based family interventions for mental illness and has been utilised in working with clients with mental illness such as schizophrenia and ADHD and their families. For instance, psychoeducation is appropriate approach to ADHD. A chid with ADHD brings enormous challenges to his family including parenting stress, conflict with siblings, and more. Psychoeducation has been a cognitive-behavioural approach to mental illness. This educational opportunity assists the clients’ families to gain more information and knowledge about mental illness and possible treatments. This intervention is based on the assumption that providing appropriate and adequate information can mediate distress within the family (Corcoran, 2003).

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